Thursday, February 9, 2012

Our Sweet Little Heart Village for Valentines Day

Today we made a village, a village of love that is. It started out with a few paper bags and became such a magical little art project as we cut out little windows and doors on each heart home.
We used several different sized bags and cut them down to different heights. The magic started as we embellished the village with heart garland, stickers and confetti hearts that we punched out of scrapbook paper. Of course the final touch was the flame-less tea lights; that really brought this magical little village to life.
Now it is twinkling away on our bookshelf. The kids are so fascinated with the glowing village and I can't help but to smile as I walk by the room. This is definitely a new favorite project in this home and it was so simple to do. Not only did it bring us together as we worked on it, but also created a festive feeling in the air almost like Christmas time. And all it took was a village....

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