Saturday, February 11, 2012

Emma's Finger Puppet Valentines

Emma has been working on Valentines for her classmates this weekend. Using coin wrappers we have made many finger puppets, so we thought heart people would be the perfect finger puppet for a Valentine. Are they adorable or what? Even more so when Emma started giving them names.

 Using heart cut outs we found at a teacher supply store she added googly eyes, stickers, ribbon, yarn and sequins to make the faces and hair. 

 Silliness is happening.

We used tacky glue to attach them to the coin wrappers and added some sequins for shirt buttons. Tada!!

 We placed each one in a teeny tiny paper bag that we stamped with "love, Emma" along with a sheet of these fantastic smelly stickers we found.

And they are ready for school. Happy Valentines Day!!
green owl mama

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