Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentines craft for Daddy

I think to myself most every day how lucky and blessed I am for a husband that is truly everything I ever wanted in a partner and father to my children. For so many reasons I feel this way, but mostly for the hard working husband and father that he is and the friendship and many laughs that he gives me each day.

With children keeping you busy you lose time to say how grateful you are. Today the kids and I did a craft to let Dennis know why we love him so much today, tomorrow and always.

First I cut out a big heart that said "we love you because..." and taped it to the front door. Next we cut out about 25 or so little hearts and I sat with the kids while we completed the sentence on each little heart. Try this with your little ones; you get some funny, honest and very sweet answers. Grayson gave me an answer that only an 18 month old could. "Grayson, why do you love Daddy?" he replied with "Belly Button!" OK, belly button it is. I love his cuteness and I know Dennis is going to love that one. Emma's sweetest was "because he loves me."
When we finished we taped the hearts all over the house for Dennis to find over the next couple days. The taping was pretty fun for the kids as well.

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  1. so sweet! & such a great idea!.... thanks for sharing M!