Thursday, February 16, 2012

What is Grayson up to?- Toddler activities

Yes, I have an 18 month old and yes, he rarely sits still for me to even get a photo of him. He is curious and active and he loves to join his sister crafting under his own terms of course. He is not one for much structure at this point, but I like to think that is his creative independence blossoming. So what is Grayson doing during all of our focus needed projects you wonder? I put together a few different activities that he loves to do, to share with all of you and your active toddlers. Most are geared to help develop those fine motor skills that our little ones are craving at this age as they learn to use those little fingers.

 Magnets! This is a new one we just got. I found all sorts of magnets at a teacher supply store and got these magnet rounds along with some wands. It's a lot of fun for him. He will sit and pull them all apart one by one. We also play a game where I spread the rounds out all over the floor and the kids pick them up with the wands as fast as they can.

 These dot paints are great for toddlers. They are really easy for their little hands to use. They are also scented and of course non toxic. Grayson is very proud when he is painting; for the first ten minutes that is, then he spends thirty minutes putting the tops back on the paints. 

 Rocks, rocks and more rocks. This boy loves his rocks. No, you don't have to spend hours collecting rocks (though, that would be fantastic.) I found a big container of rocks at Target in the home decor section for under $5. He will move these rocks in and out of each container and into piles over and over again. It's like he has a mission and won't stop until it's complete. Still not exactly sure what that mission is. This is a great activity for the older ones too. Emma usually sorts the rocks by color and we have lots of conversations about different textures and sizes. You can also sneak in some fun math practice without them even knowing.

Cotton balls, tongs, large spoons and mixing bowls=fun fun fun! He is learning to use the tongs and gets very excited when he actually picks up a cotton ball and gets it into the bowl. Another game we do is cotton ball races using straws to blow them across the floor. That one gets lots of giggles.

More fine motor fun. This is pretty cool to watch their little hands and see them focus so hard. I use a colander to hold pipe cleaner and give him Cheerios to thread on the pipe cleaner. He usually snacks at the same time...perfect.

Toddlers are so easy to please, ready to explore with anything you give them. They are curious about most everything. I love their little sponge like minds that are taking it all in. This is such a precious time and goes way too fast. I have to remind myself of that on those very long days. 

Wishing you lots of exploring with your little one.

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