Friday, March 30, 2012

Ballerina Clothespin Bunny for Easter

Last year, the night before Easter as we were preparing to leave carrots and a letter out for the Easter bunny, Emma broke out into tears. Why? Well, would you like a larger than human sized rabbit coming into your home while you're sleeping even if he was packing chocolate and jelly beans? Emma was having no part of this; except of course she would like the treats without the intrusive bunny. She was smart and asked us to call the Easter bunny and inform him that she would prefer her goodies left at the neighbors house, which we of course did in order to get some sleep that evening.
As we prepare for this years bunny arrival I wonder what the outcome will be. Maybe this ballerina bunny craft will warm her up to the idea.

Material needed:
round top clothespins
white paint
paint brush
white felt sheet
small white pom-poms
googly eyes
fancy trim for tu-tu
tacky glue

1. Paint your clothespins white and let dry.

2. Cut two ears from felt and add them to the head with tacky glue along with googly eyes, trimming tu-tu and pom poms for feet and tail.

3. Add the mouth with a sharpie and you are all set for some imaginative ballet bunny play. What could be better?

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