Sunday, April 1, 2012

eco-eggs egg coloring kit- product review

Today we spent the day with family coloring eggs for Easter and thanks to my friends over at eco-kids we got to do it in earth friendly style with their awesome eco-eggs coloring kit! I came across eco-kids when trying to find a way to color eggs this year in a more natural way that is safe for my children and the world around them. These dyes are made of natural and organic fruit, plant and vegetable extracts. How wonderful is that? So, let me tell you about our experience....

 The preparation was really simple. You add the dye powder packets to 1/2 a cup of warm water each and mix. There are instructions for both hard boiled eggs and hollowed out eggs. We did hard boiled today. Now for the fun!

The kit comes with three colors; orange, blue and purple. To achieve other colors there is a chart for mixing. I loved this part and so did the kids. Color mixing is always fun and a great learning tool.

Some of the colors take a bit longer than a chemical dye to really get a deep color, but it's a good opportunity to cut out these adorable egg legs that come with the package. 

Sweet Audrie showing off our cute little egg legs, the frog and duck. You can also print out some other fun egg accessories and watch their step by step video on eco-kids site.

I absolutely love the color of these eggs. They turned out so beautiful and organic looking. I think they would make a great centerpiece on Easter day. Eco-kids has wonderful products that are great alternatives to keeping chemicals out of the home, but still allowing children to explore and enjoy art everyday. To get your own eco-eggs and other great products, check out eco-kids!
Happy egg coloring!


  1. yay! a natural solution! where did you find it?

    1. I got mine directly from eco-kids, there may still be time to order. Otherwise here is a list of stores that carry it in GA