Saturday, March 3, 2012

Girl Scout Envy- Homemade Badges

It's that time of year again, when walking into the grocery store you are greeted by girls covered in badges, big smiles on and pleading to sell just one more box of samoas. For me this has turned into Girl Scout envy in our house. Emma has a whole six months left until she turns five and can become a Girl Scout herself, but she is not too thrilled to wait especially when her big cousin is already wearing the vest full of badges that she so badly wants.
I decided to make Emma a "in practice" Girl Scout vest to make the wait a little more tolerable. I surprised her with the vest I made out of a t-shirt and we started creating badges to earn. So far, she has received a badge for friendship, baking, ballet, new school and nature. This was fun to do and an excellent way to teach new skills and give Emma a sense of pride for her accomplishments. She wears this vest proudly, to say the least.

scrapbook paper
mini doilies
double sided tape
masking tape
safety pins

If your t-shirt has print on it you can use the back as the front of the vest like I did. First I cut off about an inch off the bottom of the t-shirt. Then I made a cut right down the center of the shirt. You can cut the sleeves off if you choose, I decided to just leave them be. There you have the vest.
Now for badges. I found these cute little doilies in the Martha Stewart scrap booking line. I cut rounds out of the paper and layered them on the doilies using the double sided tape. Next embellish with stickers to represent the meaning of each badge. I chose things we were working on at the school, nature walks....ect. When your badges are complete use the masking tape to attach safety pins to the back and you are all set to pin your little Girl Scout.

My little Girl Scout in the making.

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