Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tapioca Balls

While in our local Asian market recently I came across a bag of tapioca balls used for boba tea. I remembered seeing this on pinterest awhile back and have been meaning to pick some up. Perfect timing as my two little ones are in need of some good sensory play.

We followed the cooking instructions on the back. I think it was to boil until plump and then let set covered for a few minutes, but I am guessing each bag is somewhat different. While they were cooking; the kids raided the cooking utensils for some fun tools to use.

These were a big hit for us. They are very similar to the magic water beads I posted back in January, but the consistency is more gummy and sticky. Alone in a bowl they are way too sticky to work with, but if you add a little water they feel just like a gummy bear. Emma enjoyed scooping, mixing and measuring and Grayson enjoyed squishing and eating. They were a good team.

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