Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bird Nest Helper

Teaching children to love and respect all living things will result in more compassionate men and women.
I believe this with all my heart. As a child, my mom would allow us to bring home any stray animal we came across. She helped me to bottle-feed ten tiny rat babies when my pet rat Samantha unexpectedly became a mother. She has taught me responsibility and love for each living creature that came our way.
I hope to pass this on to my children. I hope that they will stop for a lost dog, adopt a stray kitten or cry like I do every time that Sarah McLachlan animal cruelty commercial comes on. Being taught this kind of love as a child not only made me the person I am today, but extends to the kind of mother I have become.
You do not need to have a house full of orphan dogs to get this point across.
Something I like to do with each season changing is an offering for animals around us. Last winter, we left nuts and seeds out for the squirrels to collect. The year before we made a warm bed on our porch for a neighborhood cat. This spring, we made a nest helper to help the birds collect for their homes and to also encourage nests to be built close to our home. This way we will also benefit from being able to watch these beautiful birds in action.

Check out the rest of my article and tips to make a bird nest helper over at Family Sponge

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