Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Artterro Art Journal Kit review

 My wonderful and creative friends over at Artterro introduced me to their beautiful Art Journal Kits. I just love this company. They make open ended high quality children's art products and that is hard to come by.
Although I think this journal would be such a great tool for Emma to use as a creative board, I decided to try out the journal for myself. My desk is usually covered in little post-it notes and scrap pieces of paper with ideas that have come to me while out and about. A journal is just what I needed. I never thought of keeping an art journal, but it makes perfect sense.

 For the past three weeks I have carried the journal with me jotting down notes at any given moment my creative light bulb goes on. I use it for my art store shopping list and even just to doodle while I am on the phone or sipping tea while the kids are asleep. It has organized me in an artistic sort of way, but also is a wonderful creative outlet for me. I seemed to have left journaling behind when growing up and I don't know why. It makes me happy.
Emma has asked me for her own art journal like mine and that makes me even more happy. What a great way to show children to be creative, expressive and use their ideas.

The Artterro Art Journal Kit Includes: Spiral-bound (6.5 x 8) journal with solid book board cover to personalize, 14 inspiring project pages, 5 pages of beautiful handmade decorative papers, 6 solid colored papers, artist-quality drawing paper, and pocket folder to store pictures, scraps and found images. All for just under $13.
(I love the pockets, it allows me to save fabric samples and inspiring pictures that I come across.)

I think this journal is a wonderful thing that can be used in so many different ways. I need a entire journal dedicated to decorating ideas for our new home. I would have loved to have one while planning my wedding or babies nursery, but my first art journal is a collection of art I will be doing with my two sweet loves.
To get your your own art journal and more creative kits click here Artterro!

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