Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Toddler Art and Fun

It is so interesting to see what keeps a toddler interested and engaged. Grayson likes to feel like he has a job to do and something to figure out. My friend Laura taught me this one when Emma was a little one like this. Now Grayson is a big fan of jars and lids as well. It's that simple.

Could painting get more fun? Yes. With pudding, painting is a toddler dream! Surprisingly he actually painted more than he ate. This was a fun and messy morning, especially after I added some sprinkles to the mix!

Empty milk jug and some small figurines, marbles, beans or anything that can fit into the jug will go a long way. When toys were not cutting it one evening during dinner prep I handed this over to my busy boy. I think something new and different will always grab the attention of a toddler looking for some action.

 We save our empty yogurt cups to use in many different ways. Paint cups, snack cups, to stock the shelves of our pretend market.....but, on this day they were simply to stack.

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