Monday, April 16, 2012

Kid's Garden Giveaway! DuneCraft product review

 Flowers are blooming all around us. Spring is here! My very lovely and innovative friends over at DuneCraft are helping us to celebrate. We had the opportunity to try out their very cute and very fun Mermaid's Growing Grotto kid's plant cubes and you may get to join us with our spring giveaway! Let me tell you about the fun we had learning and planting for spring.

 The plant cubes come with everything you need to start and decorate your ocean themed terrarium. The soil comes dried and compact into a little disc along with seeds, sea shells, gravel, plant stake, beach sand, background and decal. 

 Hydrating the soil was by far the best step for Emma. She added the water slowly to the soil disc and explored and watched as it expanded and filled the bottom of the terrarium. What a great learning opportunity and sensory fun. She got very involved in the planting process.
The rainbow seeds are teeny tiny little seeds that are just amazing to see sprout.  The instructions said the seeds would sprout in ten days and this was very accurate. On the ninth day, which happened to be Easter morning, we saw our first little sprout. It was an exciting day in our house. 
Once you have sprouts you can decorate the grotto! Another highlight for Emma. 

We really enjoyed our Kid's Plant cube and still enjoying it as our rainbow plant is growing more everyday. I love DuneCraft and all of their fun products for so many reasons, but mostly for giving children the opportunity to explore and learn all the while having fun and looking forward to what is next. These are definitely going to become my new go to idea for unique kid's birthday gifts.

Now is your chance to learn with DuneCraft too! In celebration of Earth Day on April 22, 2012 we will be giving away a Pirate's Cove kid's plant cube and Super Snow Jar, which I tried last month and is awesome! 
To submit your entry all you have to do is like Green Owl Art on Facebook and leave a comment here to tell me you did so. On April 22nd at 7pm contest ends and a winner will be chosen using  Good luck!!
Head over to DuneCraft to shop all their fun products!


  1. I like Green Owl Art!!!! And this looks awesome!

  2. I like Green Owl Art too!! Love this!

  3. I like Green Owl Art, big supporter!

  4. Great idea for birthday gifts. But I think we need the pirate one ASAP.

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