Friday, April 13, 2012

Monster Art Exhibit

We started out making clay monsters the other evening and Emma thought it would be fun to create a monster exhibit to surprise Daddy with that evening.  For these guys we used air drying clay, paints, beads, buttons and eyes.

 Next, we made shape monsters. This is a go to art project I use pretty often, especially during dinner time. It only takes markers and paper and very little direction. I simply draw some shapes and give the kids a theme. Tonight was monsters, we have also done animals, homes, people.....

 Last, we made scribble monsters. Same process as above only you draw a big scribble and let them go for it! I think these were my favorite, love where Emma added on arms.

Emma enjoyed walking us all through her art museum that night. I look forward to many more exhibits from her in the future.

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