Monday, September 24, 2012

6-Word Memoirs, Honest Tea

This morning when I opened my bottle of Honest Tea I noticed writing on the inside of the cap. It read:

6-Word Memoirs
She forgets.
I remember.

-Becky Blanton

This was so moving and inspiring to me. Just six words is all I read, but they were so personal and sincere. This tea cap writing inspired me to start a daily writing with Emma. When I picked her up from school I asked her to think about a point of the day where she felt lots of feelings. It could be good or bad. We sat together and talked about different moments in our day where we felt different emotions and which ones stood out.

I wrote six words about my morning with Grayson. How I watched him be two and remembered Emma "being two." It was a sweet and sentimental morning for me and I wished I could stay there for awhile longer than I know I will. 

Emma told me she really enjoyed school today. This is what she broke her six words down to, which let me tell you was a little difficult. 

And then she wanted to write six words about dinner because she said she loves to sit with her family at dinner especially when candles are lit. This was a reminder to me to actually sit while I am feeding the children and I guess to light the candles as well.

I loved sitting down with her today and recapping on our day together. I loved hearing her honesty and just talking openly. I will try to do this with her a few times a week. Not only does it help me to hear about how she is feeling, but I think these will be wonderful for her to see and read as an adult. 

Thank you Honest Tea. I love you for many many reasons, but your 6-Word Memoirs are so special to me now.


  1. So cute! I love this. Melissa— you are constantly amazing me with your creativity and how you actually follow through on this kind of thing. I feel like I have ideas like this and want to do them... and then I forget.