Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sweet Vintage Doily Ghost

We are approaching October and we are wasting no time in this house. Costume making has begun and decorations are slowly trickling out. Yes we love the fall. Leaves falling, crisp air, apple picking and of course Halloween!

We had some doilies we found in an antique shop recently that were just waiting to be soaked in coffee. Yes that's what we did with them. They were just too cheery and white to be turned into our vintage ghosts.

Some dark coffee did the trick and smelled great an antique coffee shop kind of way.

We let them dry awhile and admired how pretty they looked hanging over our back fence. Once they were dry we washed them to get the coffee smell out and they were the perfect shade of old ghost.

Battery tea lights are my best friend during the holidays and with a couple of mason jars our ghost were ready to come together.

Here they are. Are they pretty or what? I added some felt eyes and our house took it's first step in transforming for October.

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