Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Gelatin Fun!

Sensory fun activities are a favorite in our home. I love seeing these little hands explore, learn and discover all while relaxing their body and mind and thinking this is the most fun they've ever had! On this day we made jello. What? Is that surprising? A health nut, sort of hippie "ish," tree loving, farm going, organic kind of gal like me doesn't make jello? Ok, ok...this is not jello to eat, but it does feel pretty cool and made an afternoon for my kids pretty exciting.

First off, for some fun gelatin sensory exploring - prepare your gelatin as directed on the package, only leaving out any sugar or flavoring of any sort.

We waited..and waited and once it was all set I let Emma pop the jello out onto a plate.

You can use watercolors or just food color mixed with a few drops of water. I gave Emma droppers and brushes, but she definitely preferred the droppers.

She mixed colors and watched has the gelatin changed with each color she added.

I knew it was inevitable. It was just a matter of time until...........

She really began to enjoy the wonderfulness of gelatin.

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