Saturday, December 15, 2012

Light a Candle for the Families of Newtown

Beeswax Candle Tutorial
My heart is broken. The horror of yesterdays events have me feeling lost, empty and in pain for all of those families. I will continue to pray for these people that have endured such a horrific tragedy and I will take action in any way I can to change things in this world of turmoil that we live in.
I have chosen to not talk with my children about this devastating tragedy. I can not comprehend what has happened, surely my five and two year old can not in any way understand this. I will shield and protect their innocent minds. I will allow them to think we still live in a place where they can feel safe at school and to believe that for the most part people are good.
This morning we won't talk about yesterdays unimaginable events, but we will sit together, enjoy each other, love each other and light candles for families that are not able to do such things on this day.

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