Friday, December 14, 2012

15 Homemade Gifts!!!

We have ten days left and winter break starts today! Time to get those gifts made. I have preached it before, but I have to say it again--homemade gifts are so important for me to have my children take part in. It teaches them to be creative and resourceful and I love that!
 My first was inspired by my amazingly creative sister-in-law. She made chalkboard frames to title each table at her wedding. I love it! Why not make a chalkboard frame to change with each season. Who wouldn't love that? Head over to The Studio for full instructions on this fun gift!
These scented treasures smell amazing and can be used to make any room smell lovely. The kids and I enjoyed making them so much. Working with salt dough can be so relaxing and throw some lavender oil into the mix and you will have a day of peace and tranquil harmony!
We are at The Studio again with this one! Join us!
Last year we made these lovely coffee bean covered candles. They smell so yummy and look beautiful. Great gift for the coffee and candle lover in your life. Check out my full post on these here... Coffee Bean Candles.
Our scarves were such a big hit last year and we still use every single one. Emma's class even made these this year and it reminded me what a wonderful gift this is for children to make. I think we may make a few to bring to our local shelter this year. Here is my full tutorial on these great scarves.......The Great Felt Scarf!
Last Christmas we decided to exchange all homemade gifts with our very good friends. It was really sweet and fun. Emma and I made this great wooden memory set for her lifelong bestie and it couldn't have been more special of a gift. Full details here...Wooden Memory Set.
Which brings me to the toddler gift that we also made for our wonderful friends. I really loved our homemade Christmas exchange. I would encourage everyone to try this. IT really gets you thinking outside the box. Check out this one here... Toddler Baking Set
A sweet and festive frame for a loved one. Never underestimate the power of buttons and glue! Check out this one at The Studio!
Recycle a sock and make a gift for a younger sibling. This sweet guy has become a favorite stuffy friend in our house. See how to make your own here... Sock Caterpillar.
Another great one for big sister or brother to make for a younger sibling is a handmade coloring book. So very sweet . See how ours came together, The Coloring Book.
Puffy paint will remain a favorite for my children forever, I believe! If I dare pull it out of the drawer we have screams of excitement in the house. So, this No-Slip Sock is a true favorite to make for holiday gifts with my kiddos. We made these for the kids cousins last year.
We have a little obsession with chalkboard paint! Turning everything into a chalkboard that gets into our way! Watch out! And go see how we made this very cool gift for the hostess in our life, Chalkboard Coasters!
If all else fails stick something into a jar! We did hot cocoa mix with a couple extra special touches and play dough mix was a hit too! Check it out.....Jar Gifts!!
For the toddler in your life these wonderful colored Stacking Cups are a favorite of mine.
I know you have some left-over campaign buttons sitting around. Make these sweet pins with your children for Grandma, a teacher, aunt or neighbor. They will be welcomed with love. My full tutorial can be seen here, Flower Buttons.
And lastly, you can always just give Money! What child does not love play money?? This would make a great stocking stuffer and honestly Play Money in our house always seems to spark the most wonderful imaginative play.
I hope you make some wonderful homemade gifts this year! 
From my creative table to yours. Happy Holidays!
green owl mama

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  1. So sweet! I love all of these ideas. And I am addicted to chalkboard anything!