Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Mightee Kids--Review!

 We received a very special box on our doorstep the other morning. It was from Mightee Kids a new company whose mission is "helping kids help other kids around the world." Sounds pretty wonderful to me!
 Emma was thrilled to receive a package. We opened it up and inside along with her new and very cool Mightee shirt was a little informative postcard explaining the cause. It had a animated picture card on the back. I read it to Emma, it was simple and easy for her to understand the cause and how she was helping. It also ended on a positive note, which I really liked. Emma felt like she made a difference and that is exactly how I want my children to feel in these early years of "changing the world."
This month the Mightee Kids cause is Say Cheese, supporting Smile Train which helps children around the world with cleft lip or palate get the surgery they need, but can not afford.
Each month Mightee Kids will have a new shirt with a new cause to support and teach your children about. For $25 a month you will get your very own tee and informative tools to help educate your kids. $5 of this cost goes directly to the cause! I think this is a great way to start teaching my children about helping others around the world that are less fortunate and do not have all that we do, but doing so in a positive way.
Check out Mightee Kids and make a difference with your kids today!

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