Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Anthropologie Style Snack Jars for Teacher Appreciation

 We made some sweet snack jars for our teachers this week. Just a small way to say thank you. I can imagine teachers barely have a moment to grab a snack in a day filled with 20+ children. So, we decided to avoid the chocolate and go for some healthy bars and fruit leather that would be a nice pick-me-up in a long day. Bonus--we (handy husband) added these knobs to the top of each jar making a very Anthropolgie style canister for them to keep.
 The kids helped me fill the jars (and you don't need to buy jars, just recycle them from tomato sauce, pickles or whatever comes in your glass jars.) My husband drilled a hole in the top of each lid and did some other stuff that I really can't explain well, to get the knob to stay in place (sorry!)
I planned on having Emma write those little notes to attach, but her 5-year-old time limit was up, but her heart was there! We chatted about what teacher appreciation was and why teachers are so important.
Remember to thank all those teachers this week. They are truly angels on earth!

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