Monday, May 6, 2013

School Replica Fairy Garden for Teacher Appreciation

 I was first introduced to Fairy Garden's from the fabulous (blog crush of mine) Pink and Green Mama. That's one of hers above, isn't it sweet? And guess what that beauty is planted in, a salad bowl! Genius! Since being inspired over on MaryLea's happy blog space I have been really enjoying (OK, more like addicted...alright, alright a little obsessed) with my fairy garden building. I mean really who doesn't love all things fairy, miniature and sweet as can be?
 I hosted a fairy garden workshop party to benefit Emma's school and well, of course I needed a sample garden for the kids to see. I decided a little replica fairy version of their school would be fun. And who better to give our fairy school garden to than Emma's wonderful teacher...oh and teacher appreciation week is around the corner...perfect!
I drilled holes in a large salad bowl (thanks Pink and Green Mama!) and we got to work making all the details of Emma's school very very small. Our school is pretty awesome, it has chickens and a climbing rock, but what I love most about this fairy school is the tether-ball, holy cuteness! We used one of those paddle ball party favors for that gem.
 Grayson has some pretty great teachers, too! He loved helping me place the rocks on the little tiny path to his school house.
It's amazing all the miniature findings you can find at the craft store now. Who knew? This new hobby can get a little dangerous!
 And here is one that stayed in my yard. 

Teacher appreciation week is this week! Be sure to tell your teachers how amazing they are. Be sure to thank them for teaching, guiding, watching and loving your children.
Thank you to the special teachers in my children's lives. These are the teachers that are setting the bar high for years to come. 
Thank you to my amazing brother and sister-in-law(s) who teach with all they got each and every day.
Thank you to all who teach with love each day. I admire you all so very much.


  1. A-Dorable!!! Love them and thank you for the linky love. We're making our this afternoon too!


  2. Thanks for this great idea, I'll make some with my girls for their teachers!!!