Saturday, May 25, 2013

Cornmeal Sensory Play

 Looking in my pantry is always the best way to create some fun sensory play in our house. New textures and smells are so engaging and fun to play with. On this day, Grayson had so much fun with some cornmeal and dino's!
 I started out using a cake pan for this, but Grayson needed much more dinosaur digging room, so we switched to a baking sheet. It was the perfect size. Emma took over the cake pan and pretended to be a little chef mixing away on her batter. 
This was the perfect solution for indoors with my sand loving boy and the cornmeal is a great new texture that he thoroughly enjoyed. When he was finished we saved the cornmeal for another day of play and vacuumed up the floor. It was pretty easy, but if a cornmeal mess scares you, you can easily take this activity outside.
Check out my full tutorial here, Cornmeal Play.

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  1. How much fun does this look!? My 4 yr old would love this, he's in to all things dino!
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