Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Coloring Book T-Shirt

 I surprised Emma with this coloring book t-shirt awhile back. It was a big hit and gave me a chance to get crafty, too!
 At first I thought I would use a coloring page to place inside the shirt and trace my drawing, but I decided to free hand a drawing for her. Either way works. I used black puffy paint for my outline.
 Be sure to have a sheet pf paper or cardboard on the inside of the t-shirt so the paint doesn't go through to the back. Once my drawing was complete I let it dry over night.
 The next day I gave my creation to Emma along with some fabric markers. I think sharpies may work for this as well, although I have yet to test it and not sure how they survive the washing machine.
 This was a fun activity for Emma. She loved the idea of coloring right on a t-shirt. I think this would make a pretty great birthday gift for friends.
She proudly sports this t-shirt often and is sure to let everyone know she made that work of art!

I shared the Coloring Book T-Shirt over at Kiwi Crate. Head on over for more details.

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  1. We do this as well...but use washable markers to add color. That way, when the shirt goes through the laundry, it becomes a fresh, clean "page" to color all over again!