Friday, June 14, 2013

Rubber Band Splatter Painting

 Summer vacation is officially here and that means it's time to dig up all those backyard messy fun activities. DIY Splatter Art is one we did last summer and my kids have not stopped talking about it since.
 All you need is an old frame (glass and inserts removed,) large rubber bands, paint, paint brushes and card stock.
 This long frame worked great for the two kids to each have their own space because there was no way that "taking turns" was going to go over well with something this exciting!
 Once the rubber bands are wrapped around the frame I place the card stock in between them and got our paint ready. I told the kids to only paint the rubber bands. They were a little skeptical, but not for long......
 The delight on their faces when I made the first splatter was wonderful! They were simply happy. Doesn't take much and I love that!
 This is a pretty messy activity. I definitely suggest using washable paint as my kids got a little splattered themselves! Emma loved her new added colors.
 Look how cool the cards were looking. Did I say we were making fun birthday cards? We love homemade cards.
I'll be breaking out this old frame turned splatter paint station this week. Happy Summer!!

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