Saturday, July 20, 2013

DIY Lemonade Stand

I seriously think Emma may have actual dreams about lemonade stands. It's one of those things that makes her eyes light up and gives her the biggest smile on her face. We have had a few in our time with just a simple kiddie table and a few plastic glasses, but on the first day of summer this year I decided we should finally do it right!

 We had this large box that delivered recently and I knew it would be the perfect base for our lemonade stand. Along with a couple PVC pipes, markers, paint, easel paper, X-Acto knife and tape we were ready to get building.

I made 2 "x" cuts on top of our box to hold the PVC pipes. These pipes are really inexpensive and at every hardware store. You can buy one and ask the store to cut it in half for you. Ours were each about 4 ft long.

We made the top banner with a long sheet of easel paper cut in half (the other half went around the box.) The kids had a blast painting and drawing all over it to turn our box into a lemonade stand.

While our paint dried we made some simple strawberry lemonade using a store bought lemonade and strawberries that the kids happily mashed up.

Our lemonade stand was now open for business! We never actually made it to the front yard, but we had a ton of fun selling and drinking lemonade with each other.

When we were done we moved our stand to the play room where it continue to get used for all sorts of imaginative play scenes.

I shared this full tutorial over at Kiwi Crate. Check it out!


  1. Well this beats the pants off the little table and chair we always used! You're so creative

  2. Oh, how fun!! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!

  3. Love this simple idea! Thanks so much for adding it to the Outdoor Play Party.