Monday, August 26, 2013

Back to School Comfort

 With just over a week away from starting a new grade my sweet girl is starting to feel very excited and a bit nervous all in one! To calm her nerves and keep the excitement coming we did a few activities to get ready.

 Have you used Shrinky Dink sheets yet? They are great. We use them for so many crafts, but on this day we made a comfort charm to wear to school. I cut a heart from the shrink sheets and punched a hole in the center. Em drew a picture of her family to have close to her on those first few days when she is missing us.

 Here is the charm before the shrinking. Into the oven it goes at 300 degrees just for a few minutes. The charm will curl up and flatten out and that is when it is done.

 Here it is right out of the oven. The kids just think this is the best thing ever!

With a piece of twine it is the best first day of school accessory ever! She made me one, too. In case I miss her while she is gone. Go ahead, melt my heart.

 This is our "All About Me Card." When talking about having a new teacher and maybe even some new friends Emma was feeling a bit nervous. We chatted about all the things she wanted her new class to know about her. I told her how each and every one of these things made her special and unique and made her...Emma.

At first we made this to bring to her new teacher as a friendly introduction, but what Emma gained from just doing this exercise was much more than I planned. She was confident and proud to be Emma and excited to make new friends, see old friends and enjoy another wonderful year of school.

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