Monday, August 26, 2013

Pretend Play Coffee Shop

This afternoon Emma asked if she could watch a show, I had a feeling she was coming down with a case of late summer boredom blues. In desperate need for some quick fun for my bored girl I grabed a few paper coffee cups leftover from a birthday party and headed to the yard.
We have an old stainless coffee pot in the mud pie kitchen (perfect!) I filled it with warm water and yes, a tad bit of actual coffee, just enough to give it a "real" coffee smell. We also had some stir sticks on hand and to make it super fun I gave her a little cornstarch and cinnamon.
The kids have been in absolute heaven for the past couple of hours. I did not plan to share this (sorry for the lack of photos,) but it was such a hit with them that I had to write about it.
Bonus--my yard smells heavenly right now!

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