Friday, October 18, 2013

Halloween Sensory Play--Pumpkin Treasure Hunt

 When the kids saw me pull out the small sugar pumpkins (that I had planned on roasting to make some pumpkin curry soup) they squealed with delight. Not because of the pumpkin curry soup (go figure,) but because they thought it was time to make jack-o-lanterns. I didn't want to crush their happy little pumpkin moods, so I had to think fast.

 I grabbed some little Halloween treasures that I had from a few years ago when we made a Halloween sensory bin and I gave them a good washing.

 Next, I cut the top of the pumpkin off and added all of my treasures to the inside of the pumpkin. You have to use your hands to get them good and covered with pumpkin mush. Once they were all hidden I called the kids over for a pumpkin treasure hunt!

 They weren't exactly sure what their crazy mom was talking about, but quickly caught on as they pulled out the first orange gem.

 We had a bowl for seeds and a bowl for treasures. Grayson really enjoyed separating the seeds from the treasures.

 He didn't want to believe the treasures were all gone, so he continued to look. I think he might have climbed in if he could.

We love sensory play and this was a fun way to make it festive. Now what will I do for Thanksgiving? Definitely not a turkey treasure hunt. Definitely not.

We made pumpkin seeds with coconut oil and sea salt (so yummy) and I got my pumpkin curry soup after all.


  1. Mine won't touch pumpkin "guts" -- wonder if hiding treasures inside would help us.... Love this!

  2. This looks like a great sensory activity that is so easy to put together! Thanks for sharing!

  3. This looks so fun! A year ago my daughter would have LOVED this but this year she's all anti-pumpkin guts. I also love those Halloween beads. :)

  4. Looks so cool. I wish my son liked to get messy! Thanks for sharing at the linky party and hope you join us again on Wednesday!