Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Letter Magnets

 It's such an exciting thing when your little one starts to read and write. Watching them go from a wobbly-mama-dependent toddler to an independent kid who reads themselves books--awesome!! OK, can I be honest and also say it makes me sob like a baby that my baby is growing up and practically off to college already!! (Insert sad face)

 All kidding (and mama emotions aside) I love this time in my Emma's life. She writes me letters almost everyday (and yes I keep them all because one day when she does go away to college I plan to read them to myself several times a day) and she reads her baby brother books, talk about sweetness! It's all a new learning curve for me as I try to support and encourage her development, but all the while keep it an enjoyable experience for her.

 Okay, enough rambling and onto the craft. To encourage literacy in the home in a fun way I found some old letter game pieces and along with sticky magnet sheets we made a set of fun letter magnets.

This has been such a great tool for Emma to practice her spelling at home in a fun way. We leave each other notes daily and now even Grayson is starting to use them as he is recognizing his letters.

My Sweet Emma, 
You are growing up so very fast and making me so proud every step of the way.
your mama

My full Letter Magnet tutorial is over at Kiwi Crate.

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