Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Snowman Game!

 A few years ago I declared that our usual Christmas Eve family gathering become game day! Because my family is so awesome, there was no hesitation (although I bet my pregnant sister-in-law dressed as a snowman above never expected her photo to appear here for all to see, good thing I'm her favorite!)

One of the games we played that year and continue to play every year is the snowman game. The family all splits into groups of three or four people and each group is given a supply package containing 2 rolls of tp, construction paper and tape. One member of each group will get dressed as a snowman by the other team members. We set a ten minute timer and when the time was up all the snowmen lined up to be judged by Grandpa.
I can't tell you how fun and silly this game is. So many laughs and great memories have been made. I highly recommend making your holiday gatherings a declared game day!

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