Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Fabric Canvas Collage

 We just got back from a beautiful Thanksgiving week with family and now I am feeling ready to conquer Christmas! Our tree is up, lights are on and homemade gifts in the works. You all know I love a good homemade gift for so many reasons, but mostly because it gets my kids being creative and resourceful. Buy less--create more!

 For this simple collage we used fabric scraps, mod podge, a canvas, scissors and foam brush.

 Looking at this photo now it looks a little dangerous, but I assure you I was close by watching like a hawk. She just loves the grown-up tools and I don't blame her, ever try cutting fabric with kids scissors??

 Em cut random pieces of her favorite fabric scraps and then arranged them into a collage on the canvas.
 Once she settled on a design she used mod podge to hold the fabric to the canvas. A good coat over the entire canvas at the end helps to give it a nice smooth look.

I love this project for just about any age because it can be an image or just a beautiful abstract work of art. This is going to be a great gift to custom for grandparents.

I shared this over at Kiwi Crate. Head there for the full tutorial!

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