Sunday, January 26, 2014

Connecting with Kids during Busy Times

This sounds a little silly, but sometimes I feel so busy with my kids, that I have no time to connect with my kids. I never imagined that to be possible, but sure enough as I am driving two kids to two different schools, planning play dates, doing homework, packing lunches and so much more, all for my kids--sometimes we are so busy we forget to stop and truly connect.
After feeling like this for a few very busy weeks I decided I needed things in our daily (very busy life) that I could easily do to help feel connected again. I need that and so do my children because although packing lunches and doing homework matters, it's not what is remembered and treasured.

1. Get silly. I am going to admit something that I would have preferred to be a family secret. I bought my children a whoopee cushion (actually I bought them two, because one was just not enough for this household) and I must say it was the best damn dollar I have ever spent.

2. Cook together. You have to eat, so why not cook together. Yes, it makes a bigger mess and takes a whole lot longer, but man is it worth it. 
3. After you're done cooking together, have a living room picnic. I tossed this idea out to the kids last week (after a hectic day) and their excitement and enthusiasm just about made me cry! It sure is the little things that make life great.

4. Play games. We love playing hide and seek and have started playing card games with the kids now that they are getting older. It makes you disconnect from everything else and just be with your family.
5. Do something side by side. Em and I like to make jewelry together or sketch. We don't work on the same project, but our own and together, side by side. It's just cool. I don't know why.

6. Look at baby pictures and videos together. This is such a sweet thing to do and my children absolutely love it! Warning: keep tissues nearby (how do they grow up so fast?!)
7. Volunteer at their school. Em loves when I pop in to have lunch with her at school. Not only is it making her beam, but it's showing her to be involved in her community.

8. Play music. It always changes the mood in a crazy day.
9. While we're on the topic, dance! Dance your little heart out! They will never forget it.
10. Name your nights. So you're having tacos tonight..OK whatever, but say you're having tacos on TUESDAY TACO NIGHT! It's like Disney World just moved in.
11. Clean together. When Em's teacher had the kids "ice skate" to clean the floor I just knew this was something I had to adopt into my household and it has made cleaning our floors fun for all!
12. Hug more.
13. Say "I love you" more.
14. Cuddle more.
15. Read more.
16. Smile more.
17. Relax more.
18. Laugh more.
19 Talk more.
20. Enjoy the little things more.

I'm not an expert, just a mom sharing my thoughts and experience on feeling less connected and changing that with little things that are simple and easy to do.

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