Thursday, January 23, 2014

Marble Paintings

 Marble painting is one of our favorite painting techniques, probably because you can make art and get silly all at the same time! Bonus--the paint is all contained in one box!

card stock or any heavy paper
a box (about double the size of your paper

 1. Place your paper in the box (side flaps removed) and add a few drops of paint on the side of the paper.
 2. Drop the marbles into the paint.

 3. Now have the kids roll the marbles back and fourth around the box. This is the silly part that the kids love.

 4. Once the paper looks nice and colorful, remove, let dry and start over!

 These prints come out really fun and the kids love to make them. I was thinking we could just cut hearts out of our art for some really fun Valentines. You could also start with heart cut-outs that you place in the box.
I am going to be doing this at our school craft day this year. I think it will be a hit with several age groups. I was thinking of using newspaper hearts (wouldn't that be pretty cool?!)

I shared this over at Kiwi Crate.Check it out!

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