Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Celery Rose Prints

 When I was brainstorming for something to use to make prints with for Valentine's Day, celery was an obvious choice. If you do not know yet, (now you do!) celery makes the most beautiful rose prints.

 You just use the bottom part of a celery bunch, the part you would toss into the compost, so no wasted food here. We have always made red roses, but decided to get a little crazy and throw in some purple to the mix on this day. I know, I know....we are a bit of a dare devil type family. Never know what's going to happen in this house (look out, pink snowman coming your way!)'s early...I need coffee.

  We paired our prints with oil pastels and they came out so vibrant and fun. If you have not tried oil pastels with the kids yet, I highly suggest you give it a go, but of course crayons would work just fine, too.

Now that I am looking at these photos I think going over this with watercolors would be fantastic! I wonder what other produce would give you a floral print. I see a spring bouquet print in my future!

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  1. what a clever idea! I have to admit, celery isn't my favorite veggie. :-( BUT, if I only have to eat half and can use the other half (half??) in a craft, I'm more likely to buy it this week! Hee hee. Thanks for sharing this great idea!