Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Chocolate Playdough for Valentine's Day

 We make a large batch of chocolate play dough each year around Valentine's Day and I never thought to give the kids some goods to actually make play dough chocolates. Yep, this was Em and G who took control of this fun afternoon.

 With a few different ice cube molds, mini muffin cups and a heart themed tin--these kids had a full chocolate factory going in our house.
If you have not yet made chocolate playdough, check out our super simple recipe here Chocolate Playdough Recipe.

 They used coffee beans to top their chocolates with, which added to the wonderful smell the playdough already had. This was just what our Monday afternoon called for today. Now, excuse me while I sneak away to enjoy some real chocolate while my kids are sleeping (late night confessions from a mom.)

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