Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rainbow Time- Coffee Filter Rainbows

We saw our first Portland rainbow a couple days ago, it was beautiful. Emma called it magic and I had to agree; rainbows are pretty magical. She also started asking all sorts of questions. Where does the rainbow end? Can we touch it? How does it get there?
This was a great opportunity to have a little science lesson, which meant I better Google rainbows fast to be sure I had my facts right. I found a fun rainbow fact page.
Emma enjoyed learning about rainbows so much we decided to also make some of our own. We broke out our liquid water colors and some coffee filters. (By the way, if you have not discovered liquid water colors yet, it is a must. They are wonderful to paint with.) I folded the coffee filters in half and Emma used droppers to add the paint to our rainbows. Droppers work well with these paints and they are just so fun for kids to use. After they were fully saturated with paint we unfolded them and hung them to dry.
They are perfect to hang in the window as our home turns into a rainbow of colors for St. Patrick's where is that pot of gold!


  1. Beautiful!!! I am getting some droppers ASAP.

  2. love it. and love that you are settling into portland so well.

  3. Beautiful! I've been wanting to do something like this, just need the droppers! Yours are so vibrant! I'd love it if you'd link this post to the Rainbow Connection... :)