Thursday, June 21, 2012

Painting "for real" with kids

 Emma is at an age where she can now focus and participate on a painting with me. Do you hear the angels singing like I do? Oh the artful world that we will explore together. I am thrilled, if you couldn't already tell by the angels singing.
Painting with your child is such a wonderful opportunity to talk, share and learn to work together. It is a great bonding experience has you create art with your child. I am excited to spend the summer painting with Emma. I encourage you to try it out even if you are not a painter.

I knew I wanted a painting for our guest room. Emma wanted to paint a blue rainbow. I love it.

 My tips to get started:

  • You can usually find inexpensive canvas on sale at the art supply store and you can reuse it each time while you practice your art.
  • If you are terribly afraid of you using more permanent paints with your child just start with kids washable paints on canvas, they work too!
  • Get outside and paint. Let nature inspire you and your child.
  • Have fun! No pressure, just paint and go with your child's ideas.  
Wishing you a summer full of color, paint, love and art!
green owl mama