Saturday, March 24, 2012

Coffee cup Easter basket craft

If you haven't noticed, I love to use recyclables for art. It just makes me happy. Especially when they turn out this cute. Today we fished out way too many disposable coffee cups and sleeves (too hot to handle things) from the recycling bin and turned them into cute little mini Easter baskets.

We painted our sleeves using dot paints, but I think any kind of paints or markers would work great. You could even get a little crazy with it and glue on some jewels and sequins. Next, I cut the coffee cup the same height as the sleeve and attached it to the inside of the sleeve with tacky glue.

For a handle, just use a hole punch to add a hole on each side and add two pipe cleaners that you have twisted together. This is good for the little ones.

Add some paper grass and treats and you got a little Easter basket. This is one that would be good for a neighbor, teacher or any gardener in your life. Carrot seeds (for Easter, get it?) a garden pick and chocolate bunny.
With some cellophane they wrap up very nicely. We may make some more for Emma's classmates. They were really easy and fun to make, plus I love when I can show the kids that pretty much anything can be given a second life when you get a little creative.


  1. You rock. Hope all is well.

  2. These are so cute! I've been collecting these sleeves from the parents at my school and pinning ideas on how to use them. I love this!! :)

    1. Thanks, Jessi! Something about those little sleeves. I always save them as well. Hope the kids enjoy these! :)