Thursday, August 1, 2013

Water Balloon Yo-Yo

 Water Balloon Yo-Yo's are one of those fun treasures I remember doing as a child once summer came around. It really doesn't get much better for a 6 and 3 year-old. (Holy 6 and 3! That's the first time I used the new ages of the you feel it coming? I have to say it now....wait, wait.....where did the years go? Just yesterday they were babies. Sigh.)

 Back to some summer water fun! All you need are water balloons, large rubber bands and water!

 I filled up a few (or more) water balloons and cut the rubber band to be the string. Tie one end to the balloon in a double knot. The other end you can leave or make a little loop for tiny fingers.

 I can't tell you the laughter this brought out. They loved bouncing their yo-yo's and the bonus was when they would surprisingly pop mid-air! Such joy!

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  1. featuring you this week on the kids co-op. What a fun idea:)