Saturday, December 14, 2013

Egg Carton Penguin

 We made these penguins last winter and I just pulled out the goods to make them again this morning. I adore penguins and I think I have passed on this love to the kiddos. I also love a good recycled craft, so this one is a keeper!

 I broke apart the egg carton cups for the kids and grabbed some tacky glue, felt, scissors, googly eyes and black and white paint. This morning I think we may even make a few purple penguins.

 The kids painted the entire egg cups black except for the "belly" which was of course white.

 For our little penguin feet we used felt. Cutting the felt into a small heart shape worked perfect and a little tacky glue held it on to our egg cups.

 A felt triangle and googly eyes finished off our little guy and the kids discovered they could use these as finger puppets! How fun!

How cute are these little penguins? I just love how they turned out. I think I may include this craft at our family kids Christmas table. It would be fun to add some other fun accessories to the mix and see what the kids could come up with. A penguin with some fun yarn hair perhaps??

I shared this over at Kiwi Crate. Join me there for more winter fun crafts.


  1. My girls adore penguins too and this is the perfect small kid activity. Thanks for sharing :)