Saturday, March 28, 2015

Easter Bonnet

 Sometimes you may notice in photos of Emma, large flashy rings, several strings of beads around her neck, sticker "earrings" on her ears and clothes that only a five-year old with an early opinion for fashion would choose. Yes, she already has an eye for the runway. Often, we are told "you are going to be in trouble in a few years!" But, I love her creative eye and her love for style already at five years old. I'm sorry, I just find it adorable! I'll get back to you in ten years!
 On to our sweet Easter bonnet (styled by Emma.) Can you believe this hat started as a paper bag? Yep, we just rolled it down until we had a hat. This technique could work for so many different hats. I think I may make Grayson a pirate hat soon. He would love that. Yes, while Emma loves fashion, Grayson is more of a pirate loving kid and yes I am embracing that one too and hoping that in ten years there is no need for further addressing of the issue. Hehe...imagine that!
 With some paint our paper bag started to turn into a hat. Emma mixed a few colors to get this perfect shade of lavender. Pretty, right?
 A few details and some hot glue and we were set. I am working with Emma on learning to use the hot glue gun. This makes her smile from ear to ear. Any kind of grown-up step and she is in absolute heaven.
There you have it! Our homemade Easter Bonnet. For more details on this project check out my full tutorial on Kiwi Crate!

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