Thursday, August 22, 2013

Arg! It's a Pirate Party!

 Yesterday was a very special day for us--my little sweetheart who can melt my heart just about every single day, turned three. Three! That's kind of huge in my book. It's when the baby cheeks are just about all gone, diapers have left the building and they stop pronouncing most words with a W. It's so very bittersweet for me. I am just in complete heaven watching this little guy grow into a little boy, but at the same time he is my last baby. Oh how I will miss those W's and baby cheeks--diaper changing, not so much.

 Well, you probably guessed by now that we had a pirate party! This is actually Grayson's second pirate party. This was also the theme of his first's getting easier as we go. This first time around I had paper hats, but this year I decided to attempt making felt hats. It was actually pretty easy.

I found at great pattern at Simple Simon & Co, it's just one piece you cut out. Very easy, the most time consuming was adding the tiny felt ships to the top. I cut those out free-hand and hand stitched them on with embroidery thread. 

 We placed our hats at the front door in a "treasure box" along with the eye patches. I made those by cutting rounds from felt and sewing onto black elastic. I also added cute little felt appliques on the patches as well.

 This trail is just colored tape and Grayson thought this was the coolest thing ever! It led our guests right to the treasure box. Nice way to greet a few pirates.

Banners are so easy to make. This literally took me about ten minutes to put together. I cut burlap triangles out and hot glued them to a string of twine. Next, I painted right onto the burlap with acrylic paints. Best part is after the party was over I added it to Grayson's nautical room. Ahoy!

Onto the games....Grayson was so into the "pin the horn on the unicorn" game I made for Emma's party, that I just had to create one for him, too. We played "pin the patch on the pirate." It was a big hit amongst the three-year-old's. This is so very easy to set-up. I did a quick sketch on a large sheet of wrapping paper and added a little paint. For the patches, I just cut circles from sticky sided foam sheets. So easy!

This was another one from Em's party, but it is always so entertaining to most ages (myself included!) so we decided to switch out the figurines and add it to yet another party. I added magic water beads (what are these things really called?? They are in the floral department of the craft store) to our clean sand table and threw in a few pirate figurines. The kids LOVED this!

Walk the plank!! I made this sign with a scrap piece of foam board and attached it to a couple paint sticks. Next, I used my DIY Balance Beam and at the end of it had a baby pool filled with balloons. Water would be fun too if you were having a pool party.

We always have a craft station (surprise, surprise) and every pirate needs a telescope, of course! This table was a self-serve craft with paper rolls that could be decorated with foam strips and pirate stickers.

 Now onto the most exciting part of birthday parties for most kids. I have learned it doesn't matter what they get in those favor bags, kids are always so happy to be receiving a little bag of goods and can hardly make it out the front door before rummaging through to see what they have scored. I love it!

In our bags we had pirate tattoos, seashells and a lollipop placed in a simple envelope bag which was clothes-pinned to a bag of Pirates Booty, of course! I know, I'm just so original, hehe.

My Sweet Pirate G, 
You make every day an adventure. You have taught me how fun worms can be and that potty words can make any one of any age laugh. You are so very curious and the biggest ham I know. You impress me every single day with all of your questions and your easy going personality. You told me yesterday when I refused to let you grow up "but, I oways be you baby, mama." and right then I knew you were right. You will always be my baby and that is the best gift I got on your birthday.
Happy 3rd, my love.
your mama


  1. Wonderful! Bookmarking this post for the future. Love the ideas, M!

  2. Looks like a super fun birthday party! Will have to pin this so I remember when my son gets a little older!

  3. This is so stinkin' cute!! My 2-year-old is asking for a "Jake" party for his next birthday! Pinning all your great ideas!

  4. What great ideas!! So creative and simple! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!